5 Plans For A Small Kitchen Floor Area

For the most people, designing a small kitchen is considered a hard task to do. However, this activity allows you to use creativity for a functional kitchen based on needs and preferences. Indeed, small kitchens require an efficient and efficient design to maximize every available space. For that reason, you need small kitchen floor plans!

Why do you need plans? You will have more options to decide the best placement of any element if planning a new kitchen. You will have options to change the appliance locations when remodeling a kitchen, but this may need a lot of costs. Make proper plans before starting a project.

Step 1

draw sketch small kitchen floor plans

Prepare a tape measure, pencil and paper to write down necessary things. Spend your valuable time on the weekend to measure the kitchen area with a tape measure.  Take a pencil to draw a small-scale sketch of the kitchen area on a paper and write down the measurement dimensions. Don’t forget to mark the appliance locations on the sketch too. Be careful when designing cabinet space as you will consider the appliances too.

Step 2

appliances small kitchen floor plans

Think the concept of your kitchen when preparing small kitchen floor plans. You may consider galley, a perfect concept that fits well to any small space. Galley famous for its unique placement where cabinets and appliances are on either side of walls.

Step 3

floor small kitchen floor plans

Reduce the need for large appliances and in this matter, plan on deeper counters so there will be more space for countertop appliances! Include this idea into your small kitchen floor plans. Choose cabinets that stretch to the ceiling.

Step 4

galley small kitchen floor plans

Lighting is really important. Mix artificial and natural lighting to make small kitchen appear bright. Add light under the upper cabinets, so there will be enough lighting when working in the kitchen.

Step 5

lighting small kitchen floor plans

Are you going to lay tiles on the floor? Consider a diagonal pattern when laying floor tile, it’s a trick to create a roomy feel in the small kitchen.

Five steps above you should consider when preparing small kitchen floor plans. Have fun!

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