5 Kitchen Painting Tips You Can Do

Painting the walls, ceilings and cabinets is the simplest way to update kitchen. Many homeowners use this trick to reduce the budget. However, several homeowners are failing to bring a new look to the kitchens. There are several reasons such as choosing a wrong color, bad texture and so on. Here are three kitchen painting tips to gain a new look.

Making larger

kitchen painting tips

Painting is a part of kitchen decorating tips. Many homeowners use this cheap idea to save money. However, please be careful when choosing a color. Choose the one based on kitchen condition. If your kitchen is small and lack of light during the day, choose brighter colored paints.

Make a small kitchen appears a little bigger by applying duller tones on the ceilings and lighter colored paints on the walls. There are several recommendation colors such as light blue, beige, off-white and white. How to pick the best color?

1. Take a look to kitchen condition, start from the walls, ceilings and cabinets. Choose a color that completes each other elements.

2. Rely on mood when picking the kitchen colors.

3. Make sure the paint works well with a border.

Use two tones

kitchen painting tips

As one of kitchen painting tips, you can use two tones to avoid a dull look. Paint the top half and the bottom half with different color. Choose two tones that complete each other. Separate those two tones by applying white trim on the walls.

Painting technique

kitchen painting tips

Avoid a dull look on the walls by using a certain painting technique. There are several specialty paints and techniques can transform the kitchen walls to look awesome. Create a certain painting technique no need to hire a professional because it can be taken as a DIY project. For example, cover the walls in a primary color and dab a sponge on a certain paint to create a stucco appearance. As alternative, use specialty paints that available on local hardware store.

Many kitchen painting tips are available on the Internet and you can take a look on Google Images to get inspiration.

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