Five Kitchen Layouts You Can Pick

Kitchen layouts must have a nice triangle flow, a concept between stove, sink and refrigerator. A proper layout will make activities in the kitchen become easier and quicker. Layout is a really important aspect and will make the room appear so functional. There are several options of kitchen layout.

kitchen layouts

1. U-shaped layout is a nice choice for homeowners who want to have maximum cabinet space.

kitchen layouts

2. The island design often paired with L-shaped layout. Several homeowners want to have extra working space, especially if they love to spend more time do experiment in the kitchen.

kitchen layouts

3. L-shaped layout without the island is one of the best kitchen layouts. This is a nice choice because it can give sufficient countertop space. Try using L-shaped layout for a large kitchen as it can create a unique look.

kitchen layouts

4. A galley or corridor layout becomes the best choice for a narrow kitchen. Limited floor space is an obstacle to have a nice kitchen design with a functional triangle flow. Build a galley layout is easy, just put two countertops in the same position and facing each other. Usually, the sink installed exactly in front of the kitchen window, meanwhile the stove and refrigerator are positioned on the same line.

kitchen layouts

5. A one-wall layout often used by kitchenette apartments, RV and hotels. The space is limited and not taking too much floor. This concept only uses one wall! In one line there is cabinet, countertop, stove, sink and refrigerator.

So, there are five kitchen layouts! How to pick one?

1. Choose a layout that fit well to your kitchen size.

2. Create a nice work triangle! Prepare three important elements, such as the refrigerator, stove and sink. A functional work triangle must ease homeowners to work in the kitchen. Don’t put all elements too close or too far.

3. Kitchen layouts must have a number of prep areas based on basic need.

4. Prepare other functions you want to add and draw the concept on graph paper.

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