Five Ideas for Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Since kitchen cabinets have become an important furnishing, they need a special attention. To make cabinets become a nice focal point, the appearance must well-maintained. There are many ways to maintain the appearance of cabinets, but the cheapest option is apply a new color. Painted kitchen cabinets can be done by all homeowners without need to hire a professional, a good choice for people with limited budget.

There are several ideas for painted kitchen cabinets.

1. White & Black

painted kitchen cabinets

A combination of white and black is a nice option for a contemporary design. Apply white color to the walls and black color to the cabinets, the combination able to bring a sophisticated and versatile look to the kitchen. As a final touch, add inexpensive moldings.

2. Warm beige

painted kitchen cabinets

Applying warm beige color to the cabinets is the best way to create a relax atmosphere to the kitchen. To evoke the atmosphere, combine the cabinets with gray walls and gray countertops. A nice combination will make kitchen appears more spacious.

3. Gray

gray painted kitchen cabinets

Create a sophisticated look to the kitchen by applying gray color to the cabinets. However, try using the classic shade of gray to the cabinets to create a classic look to the kitchen. This color will make a strong statement if combined with black countertops.

4. Traditional look

painted kitchen cabinets

Do want to create a traditional look to the kitchen? Consider white to cover the cabinets and create a blend with cool dramatic hues.

5. Combination

painted kitchen cabinets

Choosing a color for kitchen cabinets can be a difficult mission. If you can’t choose a color from various available options, use two or three colors to the cabinets. Apply one color to the top part of cabinets and another color to the bottom part of cabinets,

Painted kitchen cabinets in blue and yellow combination can be a nice decision because both color always fit in to different era.

Of course, there are many ideas for painted kitchen cabinets. Get more references by reading remodeling magazines or take a look the picture of kitchen cabinets on the Internet.

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