5 Great Ideas For Small Kitchens

Homeowners who have small kitchens always do everything to make their kitchens appear larger or spacious. Well, this article has several great ideas for small kitchens by focusing on four important aspects such as walls, cabinets, furniture and windows.

Light color on the walls

great ideas for small kitchens

Using light color on the walls will make the space feel more open and spacious. No need lining the walls in the same light color, select one wall to get covered by a darker color. One wall as an accent should be the opposing wall from the entrance access to the kitchen. A nice darker color you can use is a blue-purple or a gray-blue color and it helps create depth to the space.

Update the cabinets

great ideas for small kitchens

If buying new cabinets is not an option, updating the existing one is the best way you can do! Use clear glass fronts or a stainless steel insert to replace the wood panel inserts of the cupboards. This trick will make the space a more open feel. Make the small kitchen appears taller by installing taller wall cupboards.

Compact furniture

great ideas for small kitchens

Think twice before placing furniture in the small kitchen, this is one of great ideas for small kitchens. In this case, avoid large or oversized furniture as they will make the small space feels more crowded and cramped. Remember this words “The larger the furniture, the smaller the room will look!”

So, fill the small kitchen with smaller work station, a movable island and minimalist cabinets. Besides paying attention to the size, the placement of furniture should be in appealing look.


great ideas for small kitchens

There are many things you can do to the kitchen windows such as installing a thin curtain to let the sunshine in. The small kitchen needs more light during the day. If possible, add a new window or expand the existing one. As an alternative, consider a skylight if there is no space on the walls to create a new window. This is also one of great ideas for small kitchens.

Lighting system

great ideas for small kitchens

Don’t forget installing proper lighting systems during the night. Install undercabinet lighting, pendant lighting over the work station or island.

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