5 Granite Countertops Tips You Must Know!

Countertops already become important element in the kitchen and made of different materials. Nowadays, granite countertops become the best choice for several homeowners. What aspects you need to consider before choosing this countertop? How to do the maintenance? Here are granite countertops tips you can do!

Granite tiles

granite countertops tips

Several homeowners want to have countertops made of granite tiles. To make you easier, you are advisable to order all the tiles you need in a single batch to build countertop. So, you will have the tiles in the same pattern and color. Don’t forget to order extra tiles for repairs or mistakes. So, you will have sufficient backup.

If you are going to build countertops made of granite tiles, there are several things you need to consider. Please never let spilled liquids of any kind reach the grout lines. Actually, granite is not too sensitive to stains, but the grout lines don’t have the same feature, spilled liquids can seep down and left stains.

As one of granite countertops tips, wipe up any spills before touching the grout lines. If there are any stains on the surface, you can remove them with a solution of water and baking soda.


granite countertops tips

Prevention is the best thing to fight unwanted spills. After installing granite tiles, you must seal them! Granite sealant is the best thing to create a protection or barrier that prevent liquids reach the grout lines. Don’t forget resealing the granite countertops every couple years.

Grout lines

granite countertops tips

One main problem if you decide to have granite tile countertops, there will be grout lines. However, this problem can be tricked out by choosing a grout that is designed for granite and stone grouts are the best choice because they can blend well with granite. Even though you are choosing stone grouts, as one of granite countertops tips, don’t forget to seal them as well.

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