5 English Kitchen Decorating Ideas You Can Do

Traditional and country kitchens will look more awesome when combined with English style. Is that possible? There are several English kitchen decorating ideas able to make that happen as this article will reveal all of them.

Fresh colors

english kitchen decorating ideas

Create a color scheme made of fresh colors such as blue, green, orange, yellow, red and a neutral color, gold. No need to choose one or two colors since you can take three colors and they will work together. One color will work as the primary color and the rest will work as highlight colors. Choose colors in the same shade to create a harmonious feeling. A popular color combination is between white, green and blue.

Wood cabinetry

english kitchen decorating ideas

Choose wood cabinetry such as pine, walnut and oak. If possible, decorate the English kitchen with distressed cabinetry. Nowadays, several companies made that option and not an impossible mission to find them on the Internet. Complete the look with old dining sets, go to flea markets around your area or search on the Internet. As one of English kitchen decorating ideas, try remodeling the cabinets. Install ceramic knobs or brass hardware to enforce the English style.

Classic fabrics

rustic english kitchen decorating ideas

Choose classic fabrics for curtains, tea cloths or something like that. Choose between paisley, floral patterns, toile, damask or chintz. Select the one that may fit your desire, but don’t overdo it.

Copper cookware

english kitchen decorating ideas

Buy copper cookware to complete the look of English kitchen. Besides as cookware, you can use them as decoration. Install a pot rack above the kitchen island, this is a nice idea to create an extra storage space.

Rustic features

fresh color english kitchen decorating ideas

Reinforce the English style by adding rustic features into the room. Install beamed ceiling, place flower vases in several spots or buy wicker baskets and cast-iron skillets. For lighting fixtures, you can choose between classic chandeliers and pendants.

Extra tips

As one of English kitchen decorating ideas, use lace napkins to sweeten the surface of island or countertop. You can also put fresh flowers in the clay vase and place it in the center of the island.

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