5 Cool Ideas To Create A Transitional Kitchen Design

Several homeowners can’t choose between contemporary or traditional, the best style for their kitchen. Well, it’s better choosing transitional kitchen design, a combination between two styles (contemporary & traditional). If you have an interest, here are several transitional kitchen design ideas can inspire you.

Mix up!

transitional kitchen design ideas

Be dare to mix man-made and natural materials. Finding kitchen stuff from organic materials is easy, so does with polished tile and glass doors for cabinet. Rather buying new cabinets, consider restaining the surface with light or medium-stained maple, cherry or oak.

Be creative to combine warm finishes with simple lines. Contemporary kitchens are famous with a sleek appearance from stainless steel appliances, most are made with simple lines. Choose a tumbled stone backsplash and oak floors to expose warm up atmosphere from clean lines.

Old & new

old new transitional kitchen design ideas

One of transitional kitchen design ideas is by mixing elements from different eras. Even though your kitchen has a touch of contemporary style, you are free adding an antique chair or table. The point, it’s fine to mix new and old look. Living in an older home gives a benefit and all you need is highlighting the original architecture to add character.

No worry having old cabinets as you can change the old hardware to add a modern touch, for example installing stainless steel cabinet knobs. Another thing you can do is replacing the faucet and luckily you will find a lot of available options in the market.

New countertop

countertop transitional kitchen design ideas

There are many countertops in the market, but quartz is the only one material suitable for transitional kitchen design. It offers a variety of colors and can bring a more dramatic effect to the space.

New color

new color transitional kitchen design ideas

Color is one of transitional kitchen design ideas. It’s time to refresh your old kitchen appearance with new color. Several colors that bring a more rustic look are yellows, greens, reds and warm browns. So, choose your favorite color!


creative transitional kitchen design ideas

Be a creative person is the last weapon to create a transitional kitchen. Don’t hesitate to modify and apply all transitional kitchen design ideas, be a person who dares to break the formal rules.

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