5 Attractive Kitchen Ideas On Pinterest

Kitchen is the center of any home design. Homeowners not only consider this room as ordinary cooking area, but a place to hangout, socialize and entertainment. Some kitchen ideas on pinterest are unusual, but unique.


Usually, some homeowners will apply a certain theme to their kitchen. They also use a certain color theme such as blue sky, natural green or black and white. Some themes you can consider for the uniqueness are:

country kitchen ideas pinterest

1. Country farmhouse. This is a theme that relies on vintage and antique decorations. Find older cooking utensils, food containers such as old boxes of cereal and store them all on distressed shelving. Use a brighter color to the shelves and use them to display a collection of vintage items.

2. Retro kitchen. Build this theme is not difficult. As the first step, you can find chairs and tables that have chrome legs. Dominate kitchen with accessories from the 1950s such as aluminum canisters.

3. Utilitarian design. This theme relies on the work triangle (stove, refrigerator and sink). Place spices in clearly marked jars and put them on one of reachable shelves. Place often-used items in the storage and make sure they are easy to access.

4. Black and white. It’s a color theme that is combining two basic shades: black and white. Mix the colors together carefully, make sure there is no one color overwhelm the other. For example, black walls combined white accessories. This is one of popular kitchen ideas on pinterest.

New paint

new paint kitchen ideas pinterest

Besides a new theme, applying a new paint of color is the easy way to update kitchen. You can use soft or light colors to cover the walls. Consider wallpaper as the alternative.

Update kitchen window

window kitchen ideas pinterest

If your budget is not sufficient to expand or add extra window, buy a new set of curtains. Choose the one in a color that brighten up your kitchen.

Decorative storage

decorative storage kitchen ideas pinterest

Prepare decorative canisters to store sugar and flour. Set the canisters nicely on a spice rack. This is one of the most kitchen ideas easily found on pinterest.


rug kitchen ideas pinterest

One of the most attractive ideas to update kitchen floor is placing a rug. It gives your kitchen a cheery look, protect the floor against oil and spills.

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