4 Table Solutions For Small Kitchen

Kitchen table recently became one of the most important features. It serves as an extra work space or breakfast nook. How to put a table in a small space? Well, there are many solutions! This article will show you about small kitchen table solutions by using stacking table, wall-mounted table, folding table and recycle table. Which one is the best for you?

Stacking Table

Stacking small kitchen table solutions

Instead of buying a larger table, consider a stacking table if you living at studio apartment and always eat alone. It’s a nice choice as the table can be turned into a large table when you will have guests. Commercial stacking tables are available out there, in a variety of styles, shapes, colors and materials. Some people love to make their own versions, a model fits their desires.

Wall-mounted table

Wall-mounted small kitchen table solutions

It’s a nice choice for a very small kitchen. The table is mounted on the wall and foldable to save more space. Wall-mounted tables are available in many stores with a lot of designs and concepts. However, several people making their own tables to save more budget and fit to desire. This is one of small kitchen table solutions but please consider the size based on kitchen layout.

Wood TV trays

Wood TV trays small kitchen table solutions

Folding tables are available in various options and one of them is wood TV trays. They can be used as table or extra counter space. TV trays are foldable, easy to store when unneeded. These tables have a lot of functions, so put them in the living room or family room to hold snacks or drinks. This is one of small kitchen table solutions which you must consider.

Ironing board

Ironing board small kitchen table solutions

Instead of buying a new table, consider recycled tables. Change your old ironing board as a kitchen table, do a little modification to fit desire and need. Most ironing boards are foldable, so they are easier to store. If you show an interest, remove the cloth and padding on the surface of board.

These are small kitchen table solutions. Choose the one you love the most, make sure it fits well to your kitchen layout.

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