4 Styles of European Kitchen Design You Can Apply

There are so many available kitchen designs, but more and more people consider choose European kitchen design. It offers something unique and able to drag warm feeling into the room. Actually, European kitchen are available in a lot of designs, but there are only three designs with high popularity.

European kitchen design

a. English country decor is European kitchen design which offers something different that reflect farms and rural cottages. This style is able to bring homeliness and coziness. Not too hard to build this theme, start by building a color scheme, use leafy greens, pale yellows, reds and soft pinks. These are colors from the typical English garden.

Fill the kitchen with fixtures made of copper, iron and pewter. Hang the copper pots on the ceilings or walls as a decorative element. Consider to use wood for the flooring and furniture, up to you to determine the type of wood, whether stained, distressed, dark or light.

b. Tuscan decor is a famous Italian kitchen design that can’t escape from natural stones, ceramics, elaborate wall tapestries, ornate wrought iron and decorative copper pots. This style is renowned for earth tones as the original color schemes, but vibrant hues of red, green and yellow can be a great alternative.

European kitchen design

Tuscan is a famous European kitchen design, it has old world textures and faux finishes that able to create a unique appearance on paint of the walls, ceilings or furniture (cabinets, counters, etc).

3. French country is a sumptuous European kitchen design, a combination of natural elements with fine furnishings. Create a color scheme with soft blues and yellows. The wall texture is soft, just like patina or stucco. Reinforce the French country style with iron wall sconces and candlesticks.

4. European contemporary style is different from similar style. The common components are Shiny stainless steel appliances, counter tops and hardware. This style is famous for simple and modern lines and can be coated with a solid bright color and simple white.

European kitchen design is a great choice to bring a new atmosphere into your cooking area. Help boost mood to cook something delicious.

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