4 Steps to Choose Kitchen Paint Colors with Oak Cabinets

Most people prefer to choose oak cabinet to decorate their kitchen and no surprise if become a favorite choice for homeowners. All this time, oak cabinet is known for its quality, high durability, sturdy, versatile and affordable. However, some people not really like it because limited color choices, that’s why it’s really hard to find a color that serves as a complement.

Looking for the best kitchen colors which fit side by side with oak cabinets will give many challenges. This article will give guidance to figure out kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets!

1. You should consider kitchen area and this is a trick to find the best color. Sometimes floor and countertop has a dull appearance, update and renovate these elements could produce a new touch, but should make a great choice.

kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets

If you are facing budget constraints and unable to change elements appearance in the kitchen, you should take what is visible in the room as an inspiration. Perhaps apply the same color scheme with the other room is a wise choice, especially if you have the same floor type.

kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets

2. Using bold colors on kitchen walls become a great choice, moreover, oak cabinets have light color. To produce focal point, you can use medium green or adobe red. What about neutral shade? There is nothing wrong to use ivory, almond and peach. Avoid bright blues and bright reds because those color aren’t integrated perfectly with oak cabinets.

3. To add beauty, create a backsplash, there are two suitable materials with oak cabinets and you may choose copper or silver.

kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets

4. Overall, oak cabinets have similar colors. Perhaps you find a proper color that can complement each other. If you don’t want to change kitchen elements because limited budget, alternative option is replacing cabinet color. To give a new look, choose a cream color.

Looking for kitchen paint colors which able to integrate perfectly with oak cabinets requires precision and consideration. You can change kitchen elements color or do the opposite, change the original color of oak cabinets with kitchen color scheme.

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