4 Steps to Design an Outstanding Apartment Kitchen

Determine a design for apartment kitchen presents a few challenges and hone creativity. Since you are a tenant and do not own this place, there are some adhered rules like prohibition change the kitchen design permanently. Some apartment owners set rules for not wallpapering, painting and re-tiling.

apartment kitchen design

Apartment kitchen has a standard design. Everyone, including renters, wanted a kitchen that reflects their taste and personality. Some modifications aim at tackling a small kitchen.

1. Regulation that prohibits activity like wallpapering and painting, it does not mean you can’t do something. Use wall decals to decorate the kitchen! Decals help personalize your kitchen space, available in a variety of options and adjustable. Use creativity and imagination, wall decals would look perfect.

2. Go to a nursery store, buy a small or medium pot and fill it with your favorite plant. Placing a living plant is an idea to build a country kitchen with a natural look. It helps refresh the eye and acts as a focal point.

Look out for brightly colored pot, fill with a soothing plant and place it on the windowsill. You may put a flowerpot, right on the counter for a sweet appearance.

3. In the kitchen, apartment owner already prepare cabinet and drawer. Don’t get your hopes up because the furniture may have unexpected look. You are lucky enough if you get a cabinet in a good condition. If the look is out of your taste, replace the hardware! All you have to do is going to a home improvement store and buy a new set of knobs for your drawers and replace the cabinet pulls with the new one.

Remove the old hardware and store them in a container because you will put them back later if you want to move.

4. If your kitchen has a window, you are so lucky. Install a curtain on the window to strengthen apartment kitchen design. Sunny color curtain create a refreshing effect or use a red gingham pattern to create a country kitchen.

Many apartment kitchen designs, but it’s better to prove those four steps above.

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