4 Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Easy To Apply

Small kitchen doesn’t different from the large one. There are many ways to maximize small space, so does with large space. Remodeling small kitchen is easy as long as preparing the plan so well. So, what can you do? Here are the small kitchen remodeling ideas.

Light finishes

small kitchen remodeling ideas

Use light colors to cover floor surfaces, ceilings and walls. These colors can reflect more light, so avoid small kitchens get a cramped look. The conclusion, light colors will make kitchen feel spacious than the real one. A new coat of paint is a good start for small kitchen. Be wise when selecting tile for backsplash and counter.

What is the best tile for backsplash? Recycled glass tile is a nice choice, environment-friendly and add more depth into the room. For the counter, solid surface is a nice choice, durable and seamless. Solid-surface counters are easy to clean, especially if there is no grout line.

Effective layout

small kitchen remodeling ideas

Work triangle concept is one of small kitchen remodeling ideas. A nice kitchen must have an effective work triangle. Make sure the placements of sink, stove and refrigerator supporting each other. If the existing layout isn’t effective and functional, re-evaluate the locations of the sink, stove and refrigerator. A good layout must easy to navigate and offers counter space. Get extra storage and work area by placing a small kitchen island in the center of kitchen.

Vertical storage

small kitchen remodeling ideas

Small kitchen must have proper storage feature to store important items. Maximize the small space by adding vertical storage furniture. Choose narrow and taller cabinets, consider preferring open wall shelving to create an airy feeling and show off attractive dishware collection. Hang pots, pans and utensils from hooks attached to the ceiling right above the kitchen island. Take a look to the small kitchen remodeling pictures to gain more references.

Smaller appliances

small kitchen remodeling ideas

Choosing space efficient appliances is one of small kitchen remodeling ideas. Purchase smaller appliances to save more space instead of the standard-size models. The placement of appliances must in good position, mount coffee maker and microwave on the wall. Eliminate unnecessary items in the kitchen.

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