4 Simple Tiny Kitchen Ideas

Do you have a tiny kitchen? Several homeowners often feel confused what to do to their limited space kitchens. To be honest, many people in this world want to have large, spacious kitchen. However, there are tiny kitchen ideas ready to create a dream design and the size isn’t a big deal anymore.

tiny kitchen ideas

Install lots of light

Unlike large or medium kitchen, limited space often becomes a big problem for tiny kitchens. There are many ways to overcome this problem such as having adequate lighting system. If tiny kitchens get adequate lighting, the room will appear roomy. Install lots of light become the best solution.

tiny kitchen ideas

The first you can do is to install ambient lighting. Place ambient lighting on the ceiling to illuminate the entire room. The second, install task lighting over the countertop, near stove and sink, you will be easier to do kitchen activities. The third, install accent lighting to show off attractive features such as backsplash or collections.

Adequate counter space

tiny kitchen ideas

Most tiny kitchens having limited counter space, but there are ways to increase the space and make it more functional. Invest your money to buy a portable island. This island has wheels, easy to move it to another room after using. If the budget is very limited and can’t afford for a portable island, buy a large cutting board that able to cover the sink area. In this case, you are using the sink area as extra counter space and store the cutting board after using. These are the best tiny kitchen ideas.

Space-saving appliances

tiny kitchen ideas

Large appliances not include as one of the best tiny kitchen ideas. Nowadays, finding space-saving appliances is easier as many manufacturers producing them. Not only offer small size, several kitchen appliances also offer double function. Built-in appliances are also gaining positive popularity lately.

Remove clutter

tiny kitchen ideas

An untidy look becomes the biggest enemy for tiny kitchens. Throw away useless and rarely used items. Provide adequate storage space such as cabinets or wall shelving. Maximize available space, use vertical storage concept. There are many tiny kitchen ideas to remove clutter, see references on the internet about creative kitchen storage solutions.

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