4 Simple Kitchen Decorating Ideas For Apartment

Most apartment kitchens are standard and dull. However, you can’t apply an idea when renting an apartment without asking a permit from the landlord. Only a few ideas are allowed, that means you only have limited choices. Here are kitchen decorating ideas for apartment you may consider.

Create illusion

illusion kitchen decorating ideas for apartments

Most apartment kitchens are small. However, this problem can be eliminated by creating an illusion. You may hang a big mirror on the wall opposite the kitchen window or use reflective surfaces to bring more light. Install a mirrored back splash also a good trick but you may need a permit from landlord. Small kitchen appears bigger and wider if getting sufficient natural light during the day and night.

Bold color

neutral color kitchen decorating ideas for apartments

Use bold colors to liven up the kitchen and avoid overwhelming the space by choosing only one or two colors. Not only the walls and ceilings, pick bold colored items such as countertop appliances, chair cushions, stools, accent rugs and dishtowels. Install a wall rack as a decoration where you are going to display brightly colored plates.

Update cabinets

update cabinet kitchen decorating ideas for apartments

This is one of the best kitchen decorating ideas for apartment without buying new cabinets. Remodel your old cabinets and drawers by adding decorative drawer and door pulls. Go to home decor stores in your local area to find attractive designs. If you are going to build a contemporary kitchen then choose stylish metal or antique for a vintage feel.


cookbooks kitchen decorating ideas for apartments

If you are a person who loves to read cookbooks, show off your valuable collection as part of the kitchen decor. The best place to let people recognize your books is by placing them on a visible shelf. In this matter, avoid putting the books on the shelves or counters, especially near the stove, those areas will damage your valuable treasures. Arrange the books neatly, whether horizontal, vertical or both position.

There are so many kitchen decorating ideas for apartments, however, those above are easy to apply and won’t take up too much money. Find more valuable references and pictures before you are going to start.

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