4 Renovation Ideas You Can Apply For Kitchen

The kitchen renovation ideas can be done with limited budget, so don’t be sad if your budget is low. What can you do?

1. One of kitchen renovation ideas you can do is changing the look of the kitchen walls, whether using wallpaper or paint. If you are going to use wallpaper, choose a color of wallpaper that match to the color in the countertops, flooring and cabinets. Are you difficult to make a choice? Consider neutral tones.

kitchen renovation ideas

Paint the walls can be a great option besides installing wallpaper and you can use a faux finish effect to create a Tuscan decor in the kitchen.

2. Cabinets become the most important furniture in the kitchen and you don’t have to buy a new one. All you need is giving a new paint to the cabinets. No matter the base material of the cabinets, before applying a couple of coats of fresh paint, you have to sand down the old colors.

kitchen renovation ideas

Besides fresh paint, clean the hardware of the cabinets is one of kitchen renovation ideas. Remove and wipe them all to release any grease and dirt. After they look clean enough, you can apply a new color or reinstall them directly.

3. Countertops have a big role just like the kitchen cabinets. Refresh the look of your countertop with a coat of paint. How to do it? It’s easy and simple. First, sand down the counter, apply a new color and let it dry.

kitchen renovation ideas

There are a lot of paint techniques and finishes you can use and one of them is a faux finish. Besides applying a new color, paint technique and finish, do not forget to use clear polyurethane sealer to protect the surface.

kitchen renovation ideas

4. The last of kitchen renovation ideas is replacing the old hardware. Change the old hardware of the cabinets with the new ones. This is a great way to apply the latest kitchen designs without need to buy new cabinets, countertops, faucets or sinks. If you want to save more money, take a look for ready-stock hardware for a less expensive option.

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