4 Popular Trends For Kitchen Remodeling In 2012

Just like fashion, kitchen remodeling also has several trends that always changing every single year. In the 2012, several homeowners had applied some new trends to their lovely kitchens. They started to realize, a makeover project can run in different ways without need a big budget. This article contains the most popular kitchen remodeling trends in 2012.


kitchen remodeling trends 2012

Homeowners didn’t want to spend too much money when remodeling their kitchens. Something affordable becomes the best choice. If appliances are not worked properly, they decide to repair them alone or call a professional repairman rather than buying new appliances.

This case happens to kitchen cabinets too. Instead of buying new cabinets, they prefer update the existing one such as replacing the doors, hinges, knobs and pulls. Minor update is the best choice since doesn’t need too much money. Instead of replacing all sink features, they are more preferring new faucet to replace the old one.

Simple and minimalist

kitchen remodeling trends 2012

Regarding kitchen remodeling trends in 2012, something simple become a new hot style. This matter reflects directly on the cabinets as many homeowners more prefer to have minimalist cabinets. So, decoration on cabinet isn’t bound anymore.

Bring warm feeling into the room become somewhat easier as homeowners can choose warmer and darker finishes. Kitchen elements made of walnut become the most sought after. When replacing the old countertops, several people will dropped the option to laminate. In the next few years, this option will continue to increase.

New technology

kitchen remodeling trends 2012

Technology also say hello to kitchen space. Nowadays, kitchen appliances implement advanced technology to do better than before. Homeowners aren’t hesitating spend their money for new technology such as smart built-in cooktops, appliances equipped with USB ports, microwave ovens, LED lights, etc. Technology practice makes kitchen activities easier.

Glass backsplash

kitchen remodeling trends 2012

More and more people prefer glass backsplash rather than other materials such as natural stone and ceramic tiles. This option has so many benefits, especially regarding to kitchen remodeling trends in 2012. Glass backsplash is a good choice to add airy and open feeling into the kitchen.

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