4 Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas On Pinterest

Do not forget to keep focus on the wall when decorating your kitchen area. This is a trick to create a new focal point. Nowadays, there are many attractive decorating ideas for kitchen wall on pinterest and you can use them to maximize your kitchen design.

Painting technique

stencil kitchen wall decorating ideas

Liven up your kitchen decor with an attractive paint design on the wall. Make or buy stencil cut-outs in the shape of flowers, animals or something that draw your attention. Find a kitchen sponge, cut it in half and prepare an acrylic paint. Dip the sponge in thinned acrylic paint, place the stencil on the wall and start dab the opening with the sponge. Use your creativity when using this technique and create something unique and awesome.

Hanging antique gadgets

antique gadgets kitchen wall decorating ideas pinterest

There are many kitchen wall decorating ideas on pinterest you should consider and one of them is hanging antique gadgets. Finding old and vintage kitchen gadgets is easy, just go to yard sales, flea markets and online shop where you can find something you need to decor your kitchen wall. What kind of antique gadgets can you hang up on the walls? Consider ornate egg beaters, old cutlery, flour sifters, old washboards and your favorite kitchen gadgets. This idea will remind you with the past, an era with limited technology that made cooking activites was a little bit easier.


cookware kitchen wall decorating ideas pinterest

Instead of hanging antique kitchen gadgets, consider cookware as the alternative. Hang your favorite pans and pots on the wall, expose your decorative plate collection by placing them nicely on the shelves. This idea helps you maximize storage area, so there will be more space in the cabinets.

Add architecture

architecture kitchen wall decorating ideas pinterest

Find a few wooden antique columns to decorate your kitchen walls. You can buy them in new condition at a lumber yard or wrecking companies. Cut the columns in half to create the illusion of being part of the architecture of the kitchen. Find the ones that will go with the size of your kitchen space. Apply a new paint or stain that fit with your decor.

There are many kitchen wall decorating ideas on pinterest you should try, but four ideas above are the most attractive.

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