4 Ideas For Country Kitchen Decorating On A Budget

Country kitchen is one of the most popular options picked by homeowners. Do we need a big budget to apply this style? Not at all! There are country kitchen decorating ideas on a budget can bring into reality.

Country colors

blue color country kitchen decorating ideas on a budget

Paint in a certain color become the cheapest way to bring country style to your kitchen. Some country colors such as cream, yellow or baby blue. Use one color to cover entire walls and paint the ceiling white. Choose non-glossy paint and create a flower border around the room. Besides using a certain color, you can combine it with flowery wallpaper.

Cheap country cabinets

cabinet country kitchen decorating ideas on a budget

Buying unfinished cabinetry is the best answer, it’s cheap and easy to get. If you are looking for an affordable option, sand down your existing oak cabinets with an electric sander. Cherry wood cabinetry is a good option to expose a country-style kitchen, but it’s too expensive. Consider light maple as the alternative or paint white your existing cabinetry. Although discounted cabinets that have a rustic look are available on the internet, remodel existing cabinets still one of country kitchen decorating ideas on a budget.


antique country kitchen decorating ideas on a budget

Complete your country kitchen with antiques, you can find them at a special shop or a yard sale. Find country-style decor pieces such as rooster, salt shaker, wooden table, iron pot and old-fashioned kitchen accessories. Hanging antique paintings of a farmhouse on the wall is a good way to reinforce country style. Find rare items such as old utensils, kettles and ice cream machines. You can get them all at affordable prices.

Cheap window coverings

window covering country kitchen decorating ideas on a budget

Replace old curtain on the kitchen window with the new one. Instead of buying new curtain, buy fabric from a discount fabric bin or thrift store and make your own window coverings. Choose fabric contains a touch of country such as soft tones of yellow or animal/floral patterns.

There are many country kitchen decorating ideas on a budget ready to apply, but four ideas above are the top recommendation. You can apply them all or some of them.

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