4 Ideas and Designs for a Tiny Apartment Kitchen

There are a few challenges you will encounter when decorating an apartment kitchen. Generally, the owner of an apartment prohibit its renter do an overhaul re-design, whether install wallpaper, lining the walls with a new color or replace the tile for backsplash.

apartment kitchen designs

Typically, a renter occupies an apartment with a standard and small kitchen. Sometimes, the kitchen looks dull, but gives touches of personality could enhance the kitchen design. Many things you can do as long as there are designs for apartment kitchen still available.

1. Wall decal is a friendly way to decorate and beautify your kitchen design without giving a significant change. However, wall decal can damage paint on the walls, but not permanently and thoroughly.

Wall decal is the best solution if not get permission to change the wall color and it is available in a variety of options, either for theme, style, size, color and so on.

2. Bring something natural inside your kitchen. Placing living plants is a good idea, besides beautify the design and appearance, living plants help freshen the air and create a soothing mood. Buy a brightly colored pot, fill with your favorite crop and place it on the windowsill. Beautify your counter by laid a Flowerpot on it.

3. Usually, the owner of an apartment has prepared a cabinet. Of course, this will benefit the renter because no need to buy a new one. Unfortunately, you earn cabinet with standard appearance, even worse and out of your taste.

Renter may replace the knobs and cabinet pulls, certainly fit the theme you want to make. If the cabinet color looks dull and uninspired, change its color. However, ask for permission to the owner beforehand. Do not waste the old knobs and cabinet pulls. You need to install them again if you want to move someday.

4. If there is a window in your apartment kitchen, it means you are lucky enough. You can cover up with a beautiful curtain. Use yellow or orange curtain, any bright and sunny colors.

As long there are many ideas and designs, decorating an apartment kitchen present many challenges. So, there is no worry if you are going to rent an apartment with small kitchen.

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