4 Ideas to Create a Tuscan Kitchen Backsplash

Backsplash is an important icon for Tuscan kitchen, it serves as a focal point and enrich decor. There are two strategic places for backsplash, behind a sink or stove. How to make Tuscan backsplash? There is a lot of material to make and many Tuscan kitchen backsplash ideas are available, feel free to choose.

Tuscan kitchen backsplash ideas

1. Terra cotta tiles, the most important element for a Tuscan-style house and its popularity is very high as a wall covering. You can use this tile for backsplash and unpainted terra cotta tiles create a backsplash in rustic shades.

Terra cotta tiles are available in a wide selection of shades, start from very dark to very light. You are free to experiment, mix and match to create the best design. This tile made with a variety of textures and creates a seductive effect to your kitchen.

2. A mural backsplash adds value, bring elegance and luxury. Use ceramic or terra cotta tiles to create a mural backsplash behind a sink or stove.

Mural themes to strengthen the feel of Tuscan are olives, grapevines or fruits, whatever your choice, look for themes that are closely related to Tuscan countryside.

Besides mural, try a pattern as intricate as geometric stylized designs. It’s easy to make this style, choose tiles in bright colors to complete the earth tones of Tuscan decor.

3. Besides Terra cotta, ceramic tiles have a high popularity as a material to create a backsplash. Take your time to visit a local custom tile maker and make your own hand-painted tiles, a savvy action if you are looking for something unique and different.

4. Try a combination of small tiles in Tuscan-themed colors and a large stone squares. This is an alternative way without having to depict a scene of Tuscany. As your main material, you can stone in yellow or eggshell, mix with various shades of gold, red, brown, and green are the hallmark colors of Tuscany.

Many Tuscan kitchen backsplash ideas are available and ready to create outstanding look. Choose the best one for your kitchen decor.

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