4 Ideas For Commercial Kitchen Design

There are a few important factors you need to consider when designing a kitchen room for commercial purpose. Most restaurants and food service facilities have large kitchen, in this case, size is an important matter. Not that simple, a commercial kitchen design must have proper ventilation system and enough storage space. The design of kitchen must reflect a good place to work.


flooring commercial kitchen design

This is an important aspect of any kitchen design. Many options are available on the market, however the floors should be easy to clean and durable enough. Don’t forget pay attention to comfort and safety.

When looking for durable choices, narrow down your options to ceramic tile and painted concrete. These are easy to clean, even with a damp mop. The materials are strong enough for a high traffic kitchen. In order to lower the risk of falls and slips, apply slip-resistant paint additives on concrete. Meanwhile prevent accidents in the kitchen by choosing ceramic tile in a slightly grainy finish.

Rubber flooring will look perfect for a commercial kitchen design as it will increase safety and comfort. Consider installing safety mats over cook area and places prone to spills.

Easy to move

easy move commercial kitchen design

Cleanliness is the identity of commercial kitchen design, so choose equipment that are easy to move. In this case, cleaning up the kitchen area will be easier, especially hidden areas under cabinetry or island. Nowadays, several furniture on the market are built on wheels.

Draw layout

draw layout commercial kitchen design

Prepare several pieces of paper to draw a perfect kitchen layout, especially the placement of equipment and furniture. Make sure the design has a good work flow, so every movements in the kitchen become more effectively and less risk of accidents.


haccp commercial kitchen design

A commercial kitchen design must meet Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). Pay attention to all points, make sure there is nothing left behind. Many things you should consider carefully.

Those are four aspects for the best commercial kitchen design. Pay attention to all aspects carefully.

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