4 Ideas & 3 Colors For Small Kitchen Decorating

Decorating a small kitchen is not a big problem anymore. Internet has many small kitchen decorating ideas and the best colors to create a cozy cooking area. So, are you ready to learn all the secrets?

Avoid oversized furniture

oversize furniture small kitchen decorating ideas colors

Do not put oversized furniture into a small kitchen. Larger furniture will create a bad look for small space. Besides paying attention to the size of furniture, please consider the placement too. Do not place furniture next to a doorway as blocking access to the kitchen and create a narrowed feeling.


cabinet small kitchen decorating ideas colors

You will meet a lot of obstacle before starting small kitchen remodel project and one of them is the cabinets. Consider clear glass fronts to replace the wood panel inserts of cupboards to create a roomy feel in the kitchen. As glass front alternative, you may pick a stainless steel insert, a reflective surface to hide your items in the cupboards. Make the room appear taller with taller wall cupboards or you can add vases of tall fake plant to the top of the cupboards.

Remove curtain

curtain small kitchen decorating ideas colors

One of small kitchen decorating ideas is removing window curtain and let the sunshine in. Light colors will reflect natural light make the kitchen feel a lot larger than it is.

Light color on walls

paint small kitchen decorating ideas colors

Pay attention to the color of walls. Replace old color with a new, light color to make the kitchen space feel more open. Using a dark color is not a big problem unless for an accent wall. There are many colors can create a spacious illusion, you may consider one of these options below!

a. Neutral colors

White, black, brown and gray are still popular options. Many designers suggest these colors for comforting and uncomplicated atmosphere. How to make a small space looks bigger? Reduce too many vibrant colors!

b. White

Although consider as a neutral color, white has a different way to open up the space. Try applying white into the walls, ceilings and trims to create a seamless space.

c. Cool colors

As one of small kitchen decorating ideas, you may choose between violet, green and light blue. Well, there are many cool colors can bring the illusion of calm, make small kitchen feel spacious. Cool colors have positive effects, so choose your favorite one!

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