4 Ideas Giving a New Decorating Touch for Apartment Kitchen

Renting an apartment gives a lot of challenges, one of them is a prohibition changing or modifying the room decor. Absolutely, you live in a place that doesn’t show who you really are. Kitchen is an important room then it needs a touch of decoration and style.

apartment kitchen decorating ideas

A tenant can’t redesign or renovate without approval, especially the kitchen space. However, many decorating ideas give you flexibility to remodel apartment kitchen without violate rental agreements.

1. Find an apartment with a spacious kitchen is impossible. Sometimes this is possible, but ready to drain your bank account. Generally, many apartment kitchens are small and tenants often complain about this problem. Space limitation will make your kitchen have double function as a dining room.

All you need is creating an illusion to looks spacious. As a first step, look for items with reflective surfaces or hang a mirror on the wall opposite to your kitchen window.

2. Bold colors will liven up the kitchen and add a style. Strongly recommended avoid using more than two colors. Instead, you can use colored items on furniture and furnishings. Display brightly colored plates in your wall rack to give a spacious illusion.

Make bright accents to create a big difference, a new focal point. Limited wall space isn’t a difficult hurdle conquered because you can add an unexpected design touch by lean a painting against the wall, right on top of the fridge and this will create a focal point.

3. Show off your collection of cookbooks that you have. Look for a visible shelf and place your collection neatly, either vertical or horizontal. This is one way to add personality and show you are someone who spends time experimenting in the kitchen.

4. What is the most fun by renting an apartment? Well, you can have a cabinet. Maybe it looks old and dull. All you need is changing its color using paint then replace the drawer and door pulls that fit your kitchen theme.

Surely, many ideas you can do to transform the decorating of your apartment kitchen. No need do an overhaul renovation which against with the rules you signed before make a deal.

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