4 Elements Could Bring Out Traditional Kitchen Designs

Decorate kitchen with traditional style isn’t difficult because there are many ways to make it happen and homeowners can get the best result. Although you have a small kitchen, decorate it with regular furniture as needed.

If you want to carry through traditional kitchen designs for a larger space, it is necessary to prepare a plan, especially about layout to bring the real function. Finding a reference is a right step to get ideas!

traditional kitchen designs

1. Work triangle is a perfect concept for a traditional kitchen. Cooktop, refrigerator and sink supposed on triangle concept, so kitchen activities become effective, no need to go further to reach them. How to apply it?

For example, place kitchen sink near to window, put fridge on the right side. Meanwhile, cooktop is facing to sink. Use graph paper to draw a layout plan, please do precise measurements!

2. Beside make plans about furniture layout, you have to make a plan about windows and walls, too. Means, determine walls color is very important, you need to think about window treatments which serve as complement and blend perfectly with kitchen.

traditional kitchen designs

If you want privacy, install aluminum mini blinds or wooden blinds. Colors must be integrated seamlessly with other elements such as flooring, cabinets to kitchen furniture. Decorate walls using neutral shades to show off traditional impression.

3. Since you want to bring traditional kitchen designs then choose a traditional cabinet. Look for high-quality cabinet with great finish and elegant look.

traditional kitchen designs

There are many traditional cabinets ready to decorate your kitchen, from cherry cabinets to oak cabinets. Don’t choose stainless steel cabinet because doesn’t fit traditional style.

traditional kitchen designs

4. What about floor for a traditional kitchen? Use your tile pattern reminiscent with 50s. Maybe you interested to use a checkered pattern. If kitchen dominated by hardwood flooring, you don’t need to change it anymore because it is the best choice, if you decide to do replacement, there are many costs you have to spend. To protect hardwood flooring, cover it with polyurethane.

Four key elements above help you to have traditional kitchen designs. Take one at a time!

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