4 Design Layouts For Small Kitchen

Small kitchen will appear larger and spacious if a homeowner chooses the best design layout. There are many small kitchen design layouts, but finding the best is hard thing to do. In this article, several layouts ready to make small kitchen appear open and roomy.

Galley concept

small kitchen design layouts

Galley is an ideal choice for small spaces, it also one of the most efficient small kitchen layouts. Check on the internet to learn the look of galley concept. This layout is so popular for its long and narrow space that contained within parallel walls. How to build the best galley concept? Make sure the sink and refrigerator aren’t on opposite sides. Both features must on one side, the same line with the stove and oven. This will create efficiency and finish kitchen activities become faster.

Single Line Layout

small kitchen design layouts

It’s a nice solution for severely limited space. This kitchen design layout place appliances and storage space along one wall. Create more available space for extra features by choosing a mini-refrigerator instead of the big model or a single small sink basin rather a double sink.

Circular concept

small kitchen design layouts

If small space is the biggest problem, consider circular layout. It’s a creative way to utilize small space without reduce efficiency and get an attractive look. Build the workspace in the center of kitchen, complete the look by placing curved cabinets.

Mini kitchen concept

small kitchen design layouts

For young people who don’t have enough time doing cooking activities in the kitchen, consider mini kitchen concept. It’s a nice concept and won’t take too much space. Mini kitchen is able to use different layouts such as single line, galley or U-shape. As the name listed, fill the kitchen with mini features such as small sink, mini refrigerator, small cabinets, etc.

In this article, there are four small kitchen design layouts: galley, single line, circular and mini kitchen. Choose the one that may fit your needs, desires and certain conditions. A nice layout is not only able to build a nice appearance, but also functional.

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