4 Country Kitchen Decorating Ideas On Pinterest

There are some reasons why people choosing a country theme kitchen, one of them is a welcoming feel. The most exciting thing about this theme is you can display favorite collections such as vintage items. Country kitchen decorating ideas on pinterest combine new items with things you have. Let’s learn more!

Creamy white

creamy white country kitchen decorating ideas pinterest

Consider creamy white to paint the walls and cabinets. There two alternative options you can take: off-white or antique white. Avoid a drab look by creating an accent with a darker shade. Paint the trim with the same shade, especially on the cabinets, doors and windows. If white color is not your favorite, a dark blue or green is a good choice to reinforce the country look.

Decorate cabinets

decorative cabinets country kitchen decorating ideas pinterest

If the cabinetry doesn’t meet the ceiling, place decorative items at the top of it. Simple decorative items with country touch such as vintage food tins or antique cans. If you can’t find one of them, consider old kitchen utensils as the alternative. This is one of country kitchen decorating ideas on pinterest.

Display items

vintage appliances country kitchen decorating ideas pinterest

Beautify your country kitchen by placing matte white vases, dishes or figurines on a shelf. If you are looking for cheap decorative items, vintage Pyrex dishes can be a nice option to add more color to the kitchen.

Prepare one side of the kitchen for a white bookshelf and store all your cookery book nicely. You can also use available space to arrange glasses, dishes, pans, pots and other cookware. Create a nice arrangement by displaying items of the same color on each shelf.

Vintage appliances

vintage appliances country kitchen decorating ideas pinterest

If you have a big budget to remodel kitchen into a country theme, use vintage appliances with white enamel to replace traditional appliances. Vintage-style appliances in the market have modern features and warranty.

There are some country kitchen decorating ideas on pinterest you can consider, but the concepts above can optimize and reinforce this theme. If you want to replace the appliances, make sure you have sufficient budget as vintage appliances have expensive price tag in the market.

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