3 Popular Options Of Cabinet Lighting

Additional light become something really important when working in any area or kitchen with cabinets installed. A lighting system not only serves as a part of design, but a functional tool to ease kitchen activities. Cabinets become the most important furniture in the kitchen, but they need a proper lighting.

cabinet lighting

There are a variety of cabinet lighting options in the market, the function to add a second layer of light to the work area, increase functionality of countertops and adding depth. The popularity of cabinet lighting has rapidly increased, able to create an open and warm feel. Here are popular three options!

Under lighting

cabinet lighting

Lights installed under the cabinet area will increase the functionality of countertops. Under-cabinet lighting will ease homeowners to prepare the foods. This option will serve as task lighting. However, these small and bright lights not only serve as a task lighting system as many homeowners use them to display flatware or certain items that sit at top of the counter.

Inner lights

cabinet lighting

This cabinet lighting system is often used to provide a soft light to boost visibility inside the cabinet, but several homeowners use it to display high-quality and expensive flatware. Inner-cabinet lights can serve like the lighting system of refrigerator and they will only turn on when the cabinet is opened. These lights can get power from battery, so no need to install cords that will create a clutter look. Choose ambient and soft lights for a more aesthetic appeal.

Above lights

cabinet lighting

These lights are built into the ceiling only to give a second layer of overall light that closer to the cabinet. They can be built into the ceiling, in this matter known as the recessed lighting system. Several designs use hanging fixtures such as pendant to bring the second layer of light closer to the work area. If compared with two previous options, above lights need proper installation for hiding the cords.

Three options of cabinet lighting depend on needs and desires, each has different functionality. Under-cabinet lighting become the most important to ease kitchen activities.

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