Three Options to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

In order to give a new look, homeowners buy new kitchen cabinets. Buying a new cabinet is only recommended for them who have a big budget. However, people on a budget can do something to their existing cabinet. Spend money to change hardware, pulls, hinges, colors, doors and refinish kitchen cabinets.

refinish kitchen cabinets

Refinishing is the best way to bring a new look at a low cost and this activity won’t take a long time. There are three things can be done by homeowners, they can choose based on the type of cabinet. Refinish kitchen cabinets can be taken as DIY project.

A new color

refinish kitchen cabinets

If you have solid wood cabinets, repainting or giving a new color is the best way for a new look. Although it seems easy, there are several things need to notice. Consider scratch-resistant paint to give an added value to the cabinets. Please notice, the best paint is easy to clean, even though the price is expensive, but it can be a good investment.

Before applying a new color, please sand the cabinet surface with sanding sponges. After applying a new color, give glaze to the cabinet surface. Besides giving a shiny look, this trick helps improve the durability.

Give a new finish

refinish kitchen cabinets

Besides applying a new paint, refinish kitchen cabinets can be done through a new finish. If you want something different for the cabinets and reveal an antique look, consider crackle finish.

How to create a crackle finish? Give a base coat of paint to the cabinet and use a paintbrush to make a crackle look. Protect the crackle finish by using Shellac. Don’t forget to replace the handles and knobs to create a more cohesive look.

Sand off

refinish kitchen cabinets

The last thing you can do is sand off. However, this trick is only recommended for solid wooden cabinets. Two ways to do it: mechanically (using power tools) or manually (using sandpaper). Sand off method is the best way to expose the natural color of the solid wood, This method is affordable and only need a short time to get a new look.

Before sanding and refinish kitchen cabinets, don’t forget to use safety goggles.

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