3 Learning Ideas Choosing Kitchen Light Fixtures

A kitchen requires a proper lighting system. Selecting light fixtures for kitchen needs proper consideration and not too hasty. Lighting systems complete the main function of a kitchen as a cooking or gathering area.

kitchen light fixtures ideas

Ideas of kitchen light fixtures are available in different models and all need precision so you can take a good move. For the best result, light fixtures must fit with condition and style of the kitchen. Below are some kitchen light fixtures ideas!

1. Kitchen looks elegant and stylish if you choose pendants and chandeliers, lights that hang from the ceiling of your kitchen. These two light fixtures illuminate kitchen area in an efficient way.

A chandelier is a perfect choice for kitchen with double function as a dining area. Meanwhile, pendants match to illuminate breakfast bar or kitchen island.

Pendants and chandeliers are perfect choice for kitchen with vaulted ceilings or the one with high ceilings. Normally, these two are called as suspended lighting, a wise choice to make direct task lighting and elegant ambiance.

2. Recessed lighting is a good option to illuminate some strategic areas of the kitchen. Illuminate certain areas without being too blindingly. The lighting system is recessed into the ceiling and almost invisible. Not much different from other lighting systems, recessed lighting is available in different of features and effects.

For example, adjustable recessed lights. It can be angled to highlight a specific area and create task lighting.

3. Sometimes, the lights installed in ceilings can’t illuminate all area especially for the counters hindered by upper cabinets. As the best solution, install under-cabinet lighting, so you can work comfortably.

Besides looking for kitchen light fixtures ideas, think lighting system for daytime. In this case, natural light has an important role. If kitchen window not able to bring more light, make skylights.

Kitchen light fixtures ideas are available in different of models and types. Besides choosing light fixtures based on need, take attention to condition and style of your kitchen.

As a suggestion, choose a light fixture that illuminates a particular spot like the work area. More efficient and electricity cost stay stable.

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