3 Kitchen Renovation Tips You Can Do!

Kitchen renovation is a difficult project, but not too hard at all. Many things need to consider. If you are trouble to start the project, here are several kitchen renovation tips you can do!


kitchen renovation tips

Do you want to replace kitchen flooring? There are several factors you need to consider such as usage, appearance and budget. Flooring is available in various options, made of different materials. High quality kitchen flooring must have high durability, hold up well to scratches and damage for several reasons.

Most homeowners want to have wood flooring, as an alternative, they can choose plastic laminate flooring. It’s less expensive, hold up well to scratches and stains. If you are looking for something cheap and easy to install, consider vinyl tiles and flooring. Do you want to increase your kitchen value? Stone floors can be a nice solution, you can choose between granite and marble. However, they are expensive! For homeowners who want to build an environmentally-friendly kitchen, consider linoleum, cork and bamboo tiles.

Kitchen cabinets

kitchen renovation tips

Upper cabinets sometimes are not a good choice for several kitchens. You can remove them if storage isn’t a big problem. This is one of kitchen renovation tips to bring more light into the room. As upper cabinet replacement, install shelving.

If you can’t remove the upper cabinets because they are really important, there is an important thing you can do. Bring more light come into the room by removing the cabinet doors or replacing them with glass cabinet doors. One of kitchen decorating tips you can do is replacing the old hardware with something new or repainting the cabinet surface.


kitchen renovation tips

A small and dark kitchen gives bad impression. Brighten up the room by allowing more natural light come during the day. Consider installing extra windows or skylight, the simplest thing is enlarging existing windows. Painting the walls in light colors and hanging a mirror is one of kitchen renovation tips to bring natural light during the day. Ease cooking activities during the night by installing pendant light style, spotlights, under-cabinet and track lighting or spotlights.

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