Three Kitchen Island Designs with a Unique Look

In modern design, an island becomes the most important feature and must be available in the kitchen. After you decide to buy one, there are many things need to consider and one of them is the design. Kitchen island designs are available in many options.

kitchen island designs

An island is not just a rectangular shaped bench top in the kitchen because this furnishing has something hidden behind. To maximize its role, many ideas can make an island appears stand out! Homeowners place an island in the middle of kitchen to add more workspace. This furnishing is a nice choice for U layout or L layout. The island will make activities in the kitchen become easier, put everything in the middle so a work triangle runs effectively.

There are three kitchen island designs able to create a unique appearance.

kitchen island designs

1. The first idea of kitchen island designs is expanding the size of your island. However, this requires a big enough space. Change the look of the island, so does the function. In this matter, the island not only works as extra workspace, but a dining table. Change the function of island as a dining table doesn’t mean it works as a breakfast bar only, but the real dining table with five or seven chairs around.

kitchen island designs

2. Maximize the island, especially the space under the bench tops. You can build several drawers and shelves to put cutlery or small cooking utensils. Prepare one or two drawers to store a collection of cookery books. Don’t forget to make a wine rack, put all bottle and wine collections to enhance the value of kitchen design.

kitchen island designs

3. The third idea of kitchen island designs is make the island movable or portable. Install wheels so it can move freely. This is a nice idea, especially if you want to move the island to another room and kitchen appears bigger. A movable island is the best choice for medium kitchen to look spacious as always.

So, which one is the best for your kitchen design? The second and third idea is the best choice for medium and small kitchens. Meanwhile the first idea can be a nice choice for large kitchens.

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