3 Ideas How to Start Small Kitchen Remodel

Small kitchen is not desire of any homeowners, small size and narrow affects mood to linger in the room. For people who live in older houses or apartments, they often get a narrow and tiny kitchen.

small kitchen remodel

Small kitchen remodel aims to produce a wider and bigger space. Remodel activity isn’t only aim to destroy the walls to expand the space, some simple and efficient ways such as playing with appliances, colors and layout, everything that creates comfortable and roomy kitchen. Let’s find out more!

1. Use appliances and furniture, small kitchen will look more spacious. Consider small and retractable concept before buying appliances or furniture.

Choose appliances according to necessity and size of the kitchen, for example buy a tall refrigerator but slim, choose an oven able to install on the walls and integrate stovetop set into the countertop.

Choose a versatile countertop offer extra feature such as a table and chairs, especially stools that can slide under it. Place cabinet adjacent to the wall.

2. You can do small kitchen remodel by playing with colors, a precise and efficient way, suitable for people on a budget. Make kitchen look spacious by using light-colored decorating materials. There are a few things you should avoid such as use large ceramic tiles on the walls or floor.

Large tile isn’t a wise choice because the room became narrower. Use bright colors for the tiles, either to the wall or floor, and then the kitchen become more spacious.

3. Should your kitchen have a door? All depends on your desire, but kitchen would be better without a door. Widen the doorway and no need to install a door, the kitchen looks more open and connect to the rest of the house.

Another thing you need to consider is to widen the window or make an extra window. Large windows are better than small windows, decorate with thin window treatments to let light enter freely. If possible, raise up the ceiling is a great idea of small kitchen remodel.

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