3 Ideas to Maximize Kitchen Pantry Storage

Many people have kitchen pantry storage but can’t use it to its fullest. This kitchen fixture can accommodate many items, and many people use it to store kitchen appliances too. For example, you can use bottom shelves or floor area to store cleaning products. You can also use top shelves to store dish cloths and towels because easier to reach.

kitchen pantry storage

Maximize remaining space is easy, you can buy pantry organizers. These organizers are able to maximize the space to storing items, so you won’t waste useless space. You will find organizers with swivel out feature in order easy to reach. Please separate food items from cleaning items because could threaten safety and health.

In order to prevent contamination, put cleaning items at the bottom, just above the floor. This action can decrease food poisoning risk. Meanwhile, keep food items in an easy place to reach without need to bend. Put in a comfortable place and easy to take, you should put food items in middle part!

kitchen pantry storage

At the top, you can put small cooking appliances, especially those you use often! Perform regular checks on food items that you store, as well to sweep out expired items which produce foul odor, regular check out serves to reorganize to keep pantry storage look neat.

kitchen pantry storage

How to store food items in kitchen pantry storage?

1. Classifying food items into several groups. It’s easier for you to find a major need, especially before going to shop. An expert give great suggestion to separate foods by type, such as: canned foods, snacks, starches and spices.

2. Once completed classifying, give label! It’s easier for you to find something without ruffled. Kids will know where they can get a snack.

3. Provide a container box for storing small items into a single group. So, you can maximize the space without need to put them separately. Buy a gallon glass jars to store starches, there are many sizes available to store seasoning.

Maximizing kitchen pantry storage is very important to avoid disorganized also serves as a focal point.

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