3 Ideas How to Build a Modern Kitchen Backsplash

Modern kitchen need an up-to-date style! Therefore, modern kitchen backsplash become an important feature provides a sleek design and sharp lines. A lot of materials work well with modern styles such as metal, glass, stone, ceramic, etc.

modern kitchen backsplash ideas

Many modern kitchen backsplash ideas are available and able to give a striking change. However, it isn’t an easy mission to obtain the best result. Experiment by combining multiple colors and textures produce an inviting design.

1. Simple backsplash made out of frosted glass tiles create a clean look, a suitable feature for a small kitchen and a low light. Experiment helps create unique and amazing designs.

For example, if you want to show off bowls or plates on the counter with a crisp background, use rectangular, thin, white frosted glass tiles to create a backsplash. Meanwhile, if you want a soothing and warm background, mix square frosted glass tiles in three colors: cream, light green and white.

2. If you want a backsplash looks like subway walls, use subway tiles. These tiles are ready to change your kitchen appearance, all colors work well with modern style. All thanks to the sharp silhouette of each tile that create a crisp background.

Choose soft colors tiles to bring a cheerful feel, so your modern kitchen looks inviting and avoid a tedious feel. Pair with ceramic tiles to form a pattern with calming hues such as light gray, light baby blue, off-white and light aqua blue.

3. Make backsplash with a modern art twist. Use different shades of a single color to produce a monochromatic design. Add shine and depth effect is easy because you can use small tiles with a mirror finish.

There are two styles to choose from, funky style and classic style. If you want a funky style, make a backsplash from tiles in purple shades such as pale purple, light purple and royal purple. If you want a classic style for your modern kitchen, choose a small, square tiles in mirror-finished mainly in white, light gray, black and dark gray.

Besides three options above, many modern kitchen backsplash ideas are available and still not uncovers.

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