3 Ideas To Build An Awesome Country Kitchen

Country kitchen design attracts many people attention, more and more homeowners want to apply this design to their personal kitchen. You have to study country design before applying it directly. For your information, it divides into three styles and each has different characteristics. Let’s learn country kitchen ideas.

french country kitchen ideas

French country style

This design is famous for its charming and elegant appearance. Use a painting technique such as sponging to add a texture on the walls, choose colors such as sage, mustard yellow, terra cotta and pale blue. These tones will make a kitchen feel antique and bright, this is one of country kitchen ideas. Bring a French country touch into the kitchen with distressed woods, choose floor from brick, tile, wood or stone. Avoid cabinets and furniture with sharp edges, choose the ones with curve edges. Complete the decor with bottles and baskets.

Tuscan country style

tuscan country kitchen ideas

Tuscan is a famous design from Italy. Kitchen in Tuscan country design must have a rustic look by combining natural materials, distressed furniture and dark woods. Tuscan landscape has unique colors such as browns, dark blues, creams, rusty reds and more earthy tones. Home and Garden Television website (HGTV) recommends add wrought iron and stone components. Use mosaic tiles to the floor and as the main material for backsplash. There are many Tuscan country kitchen ideas you can find on the Internet.

Modern country style

modern country kitchen ideas

This design incorporates modern convenience and old American components. There are many country decorating ideas with modern touch for your kitchen, for example choosing tiles with geometric flower shapes and white cabinets. Combine chic furniture with traditional collections and modern upholstery will create a balance combination between vintage and modern. This design is a good option for homeowner who wants a country kitchen with a touch of modern era. Go to the website of HGTV and get more references.

Of course, there are many country kitchen ideas available on the Internet. Be a selective person when choosing and be a dare person to apply ideas!

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