Three Basic Steps on How to do KitchenAid Mixer Repair

Mixer is an important kitchen furnishing to help cooking activities and there are many brands spread on the market, one of them is KitchenAid which often become mainstay professionals or home users.

KitchenAid presents many products since 1919 and well-known as a brand with a simple design and easy to use. Each product has high quality and high durability.

Nevertheless, there are several obstacles often occur suddenly. One of them is engine turning at high-speed and unable to spin slower. Absolutely, this problem is often a confusing obstacle. Calm down! There are several ways to solve it, we can find the cause and repair it.

How to do KitchenAid mixer repair with engine turning at high-speed?

kitchenaid mixer repair

1. We don’t need to panic if machine is spinning too fast, we should check out speed control lever. Machine spins too fast is usually caused by a lever at high-speed position, so we need to adjust speed setting. We can find speed control lever on the left side of mixer.

Try to shift lever to engine rear to slow and stop it to move. If it doesn’t work properly and engine still spinning fast, although we already move the lever, surely there is damage to internal speed selection switch and need to get repairs immediately. If you still have warranty, try to contact KitchenAid customer service.

kitchenaid mixer repair

2. If engine is spinning fast, we can rearrange it. First, make sure the mixer is off and leave it about 1 minute. Turn on the machine and try a test.

If it doesn’t work as expected and engine spins faster, turn off and leave for 30 minutes until the engine is cooling down. Now, try to start the engine and run a test again. If nothing changes, call KitchenAid customer service immediately.

kitchenaid mixer repair

3. This mixer works fine for 110 voltages and make sure you don’t plug the outlet on different place. This machine won’t work well on 220 voltages. Therefore, we should pay attention carefully.

Those are three short steps on how to do KitchenAid mixer repair. If you’ve tried steps above and get unsatisfied result, you should call KitchenAid customer service.

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