3 Basic Designs of Kitchen You Can Use

A common secret of kitchen design, it is available in different styles which offer functional and appear stylish. There are a lot of things need to remember before designing a kitchen such as essential features and create fine work area. Some important elements of designs of kitchen includes furniture, sinks, faucets, countertops, accessories, cabinets, flooring and more, here several popular designs of kitchen!

1. Contemporary style

designs of kitchen

Contemporary style is one of the best kitchen designs, famous for its open area and high ceiling. In order to build this design, use available space to the maximum. For example, purchase drawers that slide out and high cabinets that reach to the ceilings. Complete the contemporary style with glass backsplash and lighting under the cabinets.

Do not pick appliances that far away from contemporary impression, consider stainless steel appliances because these able to create a clean look. The best color schemes are black, green and red.

2. Tuscan Style

designs of kitchen

Tuscan style is one of designs of kitchen, inspired by the colors and warmth of Tuscany which come from Italy. It can be said as traditional style since using traditional colors of the countryside like red, orange, yellow, green, blue and lavender.

The famous features of a Tuscan kitchen are natural stone surfaces and stained wood cabinets. Beware choosing cabinets! These must be open to provide more storage space. Use mosaic tile to make a backsplash on the walls. Do you want kitchen appears unique? Put a farmhouse table and decorate the flooring with tile, especially mosaic, marble and terra cotta.

3. Traditional style

designs of kitchen

This style is one of designs of kitchen, has a close relationship to several themes such as farmhouse, Victorian and colonial. Buy cabinets with traditional designs made of solid wood and get a touch of past European and American structural design. Choose counters made of stone or wood.

Reinforce the traditional touch with arches, beams and molding. Do not forget to put a kitchen island match the kitchen cabinets or fill the room with antique furniture.

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