2 Ideas Overcome Small Apartment Kitchen Problem

The kitchen is the center of any home. Although you rent and live in an apartment with a small kitchen, does not mean could not do anything to have an attractive and valuable look. Carry out any of apartment kitchen decorating ideas is not easy, even there are limits and must not infringe. Tenants can’t remodel a decor without owner’s permission.

small apartment kitchen ideas

The restrictions make the kitchen didn’t have occupant’s personality, moreover for small kitchen. Don’t give up as many ideas you can do even live in apartment with a small kitchen.

1. Perhaps, white is a perfect color for the kitchen, but it will look dull. No need using paint for the walls, please try considers fabric. There is a reason why fabric becomes a suitable alternative. It can easily peel off without damaging the wall.

Fabric is easy to clean, you just wipe the walls then grease, dirt and dust will disappear. Besides easy to peel off, fabric also easy to install, simply spray starch to the wall surface and attach pieces of fabric based on measurement. If you are bored and want a new atmosphere, remove the fabric from the wall. Use a sponge and dish washing liquid to eliminate the effect of starch.

2. Usually, the owner of an apartment already put a cabinet in the kitchen. No need to buy a new cabinet, but it looks like the color is dull and lose passionate. Change the cabinet color using a roll of contact paper, it available in a variety of patterns with various shades. Decide based on the theme that you seek. Use paint to give the appearance of fashionable, but do not painting the cabinetry permanently, ensure you don’t change the cupboards entirely!

Changing out the cabinet hardware is another way to update your kitchen décor. Cabinet hardware you need to replace like a pulls or knobs. Replace it with something new and fit with your kitchen theme. Install new cabinet hardware is not going to take your precious time, simply use a drill or screwdriver. Keep the old hardware on a container, you will install it later before you move, do not forget to peel off the contact paper and clean the cabinets using a cloth dipped in vegetable oil.

While living in an apartment with a small kitchen, there is nothing you have to worry about because many ideas that can change the decor.

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