Thirteen Steps to Reface Kitchen Cabinets

For a certain time, remodel the kitchen area is a good idea and sometimes no need a big budget to start awesome ideas. If you have limited budget and can’t afford for a new cabinet, try to reface kitchen cabinets! This activity is a cheap idea, but able to give a huge impact. There are two ways to reface your cabinets, whether hire a professional or start a DIY (Do It Yourself) project.

reface kitchen cabinets

Actually, re-facing is not a difficult task, as simple replacing kitchen cabinet hardware. Re-facing need a simple knowledge about how to start it correctly. Maybe this is can be a tedious activity, but by doing the right steps then cabinets will have adorable surface and look like a new one.

Here are simple thirteen steps to reface kitchen cabinets, even you can do it without a professional help.

1. Make sure there is no item inside the cabinets, check all drawers. You must ensure to empty them all.

2. Take off the doors and please remove all screw and hinges off the cabinets.

3. After you empty all drawers, take them out from the cabinets.

4. Buy sandpaper and you are ready to sand down the faces and doors of the cabinets.

5. If necessary, you may route the edges of the doors to square them off and add a laminate or as alternative, try edging to the surfaces. As a warning, please not to take off too much and not recommended doing this activity when you are start painting the cabinets.

6. Prepare a wooden dowel that coated in a wood glue to fill the screw holes. This is to strengthen or seal up the frame.

7. There are a number of finishes, decide the one fit your kitchen cabinets.

8. Find a tack cloth and use it to wipe all the debris and dust off the surface.

9. If there is no debris and dust, you can apply new finish.

10. Mark off the screws and hinges you want to install.

11. Buy new hinges and install them to your doors.

12. All you need to do now is hanging the cabinet doors with new screws and put all drawers on the same place.

13. Now, you can fill the cabinets and drawers with all your items.

Reface kitchen cabinets is an easy activity, right? No need a professional help, a newbie can do it!

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