11 Steps How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

There are many ways to renew kitchen cabinets and one of them is giving a new color. This is the fastest and smartest way to bring a new appearance. Painting the cabinets is easy and everyone can do it, no need a professional’s help. If you pay attention to this matter, you will get new kitchen cabinets without spend money.

paint kitchen cabinets

Then, the question is, how to paint kitchen cabinets? Here are some steps you can do!

1. The first thing is removing the cabinet doors attaching to the hinges. Use a screwdriver to remove the doors.

2. Once all the doors are removed, please do the same thing to the hinges as well. Do not throw away the hinges! Store them in a safe place because these parts can be used.

paint kitchen cabinets

3. Remove as well the metal fixtures from the cabinets.

4. The next thing is removing excess old paint from the surface of cabinet by using a sander. For preparation, consider to prepare two or three sanders.

5. Prepare painter’s tape and use it to cover the cabinets before you start paint kitchen cabinets.

6. Give a prime color to the doors and cabinets with a base coat. Use a color slightly lighter than the final color that you are going to use.

7. Once you have done with step number six, you can paint the doors and cabinets with your final color.

8. If there are any drips appear, clean them up immediately before dries up.

9. If needed, give a second coat to touch up missed spots on the surface of cabinet.

10. Now, let the doors and cabinets to dry. This takes a time to dry up completely.

11. Once the paint dries up. Install all metal fixtures to the original spots, don’t forget to install the hinges and attach the doors.

These are eleven steps how to paint kitchen cabinets. However, you can give totally new appearance by replacing the old hardware with the new ones. In this case, you have to set a budget, but it won’t need a big budget.

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