11 Brilliant Plans You Can Do For the Kitchen

There are so many kitchen plans you can take. In this case, there are three steps you must face to get a nice kitchen design.

Make a plan

kitchen plans

1. What kind of activities that you always do in the kitchen? Some people make a kitchen beyond the basic function and they turn this area as a hangout place or dining area.

2. What kind of your storage requirements? Take a look around at the kitchen. Do you have unusual shaped dishes and small cooking appliances? Do you want to buy closed cabinets or more prefer open shelving?

3. Since large appliances can take up so much space, do not put them all in one place. Do a selection and consider carefully each large appliance such as a freeze, stove, fridge and dishwasher.

Start to design

kitchen plans

4. Measure the kitchen area as a part of your kitchen plans and record all measurements.

5. Now it’s time to draw a scale plan of your kitchen. If you are a beginner, use online kitchen planner or draw on graph paper if your hands are skillful enough. Nowadays, there are many website offers a free service to design a kitchen online and easy to use for beginners.

6. Decide what kind of features will existing on your kitchen. Include them all onto your plan.

7. The work triangle is a part of kitchen plans and an important element to make easy access inside the kitchen. If you’re confused determine an effective work triangle, take some time to browse at the Internet.

8. Do not forget to make a sketch of preparation area and countertop.

9. Make sure your kitchen design works perfectly, this means you have to consult with a professional.


kitchen plans

10. Now it’s time to get everything you need. Go to a kitchen supplier showroom, take everything you need based on the style of kitchen.

11. Remember to buy appliances and furniture based on the condition of your kitchen. Buy something based on needs and do not go overboard.

It’s really important to always stick to the kitchen plans, so everything run based on budget, target and desire.

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