Ten Helpful Steps to Install Replacement Kitchen Doors

Changing kitchen design can bring a new atmosphere to enhance mood and creativity while doing cooking activities. If you intend to change kitchen look, don’t forget to replace dull door. For those who don’t have budget to hire a professional, you can carry out to install replacement kitchen doors, alone. How do it?

replacement kitchen doors

1. Previously, we have to examine the door. This is to ensure the new door could match with door frame. Record all sizes, changes and draw a diagram.

2. Prepare all necessary equipment! The first step is removing hidden screws and faceplate mounted on bottom hinge by using screwdriver to make the job become easier.

Generally, each door has hinge on different position. If you use swinging kitchen doors, check bottom and top hinge. After removing screws and faceplate on the bottom hinge, door will easily removed.

replacement kitchen doors

3. Check for any remaining screws on bottom and top hinge, make sure there is nothing left and then we can release door from door frame, do it with caution. Ask someone else for a hand. Save all screws because can be used later.

4. Don’t immediately throw out the old door because we can use it to adjust size for new door. Put the old door on a new and grab a pencil for marking trimmed area. Write some changes to fit a new door with door frame, top and bottom hinge.

5. Make sure the measurement is properly done so won’t cause problems if ready to install. Note height and width!

6. Try doing a test, make sure the door can swing and able to close the doorway completely.

replacement kitchen doors

7. Now, let’s make preparation to install a new door. Note the hinge position, both top and bottom. We can use reference from old door. Mark the appropriate position on the new door, use tools such as hammer and wood chisel.

8. Use electric drill to make pivot holes which will be used for top door hinge.

9. Now it’s time to install the door. Put the position based on hinge and we can start at top and bottom.

10. Done. Now, we can install replacement kitchen doors in the future without a professional help.

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